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Ear Posting Part 1 - Right after surgery

Euro-style ear rack.

Ear Treatment after the surgery


Ears should not be taped until most of the scabs from the surgery have healed. 

For the first 7 days after ear cropping, the puppy will have to carry ears raised on a wire frame/rack/or cup, with stitches holding the edges closed. A week later, or some 10 days after cropping, the stitches will have to be removed. Again, for 7 to 10 days the pup will continue with the ears taped erect until all the cut edges are healed. 

Use peroxide to clean the edges of the ears. We also use Kantarion oil and the juice of an Aloe Vera leaf (or an ointment) to help the edges heal faster.

It is also usually very easy for the puppy to remove the ears from the frame.  As it is very important that the pup’s ears remain raised on frame until they are completely healed, one must be extremely patient and persistent during this period. The care for a cropped ear has a great impact on whether the ear will stand properly.



Here is one of the procedures of how to tape the ear until the scars heal. There is another one we use which enables puppy to handle this period easier and we will be posting that method with appropriate photos very soon.


You need the metal frame (cup), one stripe (you can make it of gaze) and some tape.


You will need somebody also to help you and hold the puppy. Then put the helmet on puppy's head, and pull the ears out aside:


Take a stripe and tie it in nod to one side of the frame:


Then pull it under the neck to another side  and tie:


It should look like this: it should fixate the head, but not tied too strongly otherwise it hurts the head or chokes the puppy!


Take 2 pieces of tape (we use half width of 5 cm wide tape), one a bit bigger (around 20 cm) and one shorter (around 12 but you'll fit it to ear size)


Start from beginning of ear with shorter tape and tape it over, but be careful not to tape over the edge and top of the ear:


Then, take the longer tape and tape it on inside of ear:

Start deep inside the ear and tape on inside, but don't tape over the edge (over the cut part).


Two tapes meet in top of the ear:


The longer tape has a sticky part, and it should be taped over the top of the frame:

In this procedure, it is very important that the ear is well pulled up, so that the edge of the ear is straight up and tight. It will prevent the surgical scar of curling the ear.

You should only be careful that the ear is not too tight, you will see in next photos how it looks correct.


View from inside:

View from outside:


Then do the same procedure with another ear, but pay attention when you tape the first ear that you don't pull the ear too much, because the frames on the head must stay parallel on the head.


And the ears should be equally pulled up on the frame on both sides and stand in parallel on the head:


When you do this, the last step is just to take a small piece of tape and tape the top of the frame, just above the ear, to prevent the puppy from messing it up quickly:


Click HERE for instructions on taping the ears after they have healed.

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