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Benchmark K9

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Jaburi Cairo, CGC, DD, WDE, CAL2, PSA PDC

Arron von Gray x Aalyia Jaburi
DOB: 6/25/08 
Microchip: 054*038*852

Cairo is a fantastic, fully obedience and personal protection trained dog, He came from Jaburi kennels in Columbus.
We achieved his PSA PDC and now are training for his PSA level 1 and hope to achieve the title next spring.
At the 2011 SACCI Raduno, Cairo passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors, recieved scores of "excellent" in his Working Dog Evaluation and Deterrent Dog test, and delighted the Italian judge in the CAL tests, illiciting the comment, "Now THAT'S what that is supposed to look like!" from the judge. He also took 4th place in the weight pull competition an we are considering getting his United Weight Pull title from UKC in the future.
Health Tests and results:
OFA Hips: Fair (DP-14047F34M-VPI)
OFA Cardiac: Normal (DP-CA805/34MP/P-VPI)
OFA Elbows: Normal (DP-EL1817M34-VPI)
OFA Thyroid: +Compensative Autoimmune Thyroiditis
VwD via VetGen: Carrier
DCM via VetGen: Negative (0 copies)
CERF Eyes: Pending
Due to his unfortunate Thyroid results Cairo has been neutered, to eliminate the possibility of any accidental breedings. We are grateful that we found out before he was symptomatic, and he will still be competing in PSA and other events.

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