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Benchmark K9

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Puppy Purchase Agreement

 Puppy Purchase Agreement

Agreement between ____________________________, hereto after referred to as “Seller”, and _________________________, hereto after referred to as “Buyer”,

Address: _________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:_____________________________________________

Phone:_______________________ Email:_______________________

for One (1)  puppy (breed)__________________________.

DOB:________________ Color:__________________ Sex:___________________ Sire:________________________ Dam:___________________

Full purchase price: $______________________

This puppy is a purebred and is certified as such by the ________________ registry.

Deposit Policy: Buyer understands that deposit is non-refundable, except in the event that the puppy dies prior to being picked up by the Buyer. Buyer assumes all responsibility for any and all events that may occur which could prevent buyer from following through on the purchase of the puppy.

Temperament:  Buyer, by signing this contract, acknowledges that behavior & temperament is based on a combination of genetics & experiences the puppy will gain after it leaves the Seller. Ongoing, consistent socialization and training are critical to ensure the puppy is raised properly to be obedient with proper manners. Lack of consistent socialization to strange people, places, and things, to include other dogs, will adversely affect the genetic temperament the puppy was born with. To validate that the puppy receives the proper socialization and training to learn how to be a well-trained, well-mannered dog, all buyers must agree to enroll in as many obedience courses as are necessary, in order for the puppy to obtain an AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certification by one (1) year of age. (Not applicable to Chihuahua puppies). Buyer understand that the temperament of some puppies can be deemed "hard" or can be deemed "medium" or can be deemed "soft". A "soft" puppy is one that wilts with the slightest correction. It is very sensitive and submissive to it's handler/owner. A "medium" puppy is one that can take an average correction and bounce back, it may give a little resistance to it's owner/handler but is not likely to "push" too hard. It has a reasonably quick recovery time after a correction. A "hard" puppy is one that is very resilient. Hard puppies can be a challenge to raise/handle/train, as they are not easily pushed around. Even properly raised/trained, hard puppies can develop dominance issues. They may ignore or even react aggressively to a correction. Puppies rated as "hard" are not for first-time handlers/owners and are a serious undertaking for even experianced handlers/owners. It is the policy of the Seller to never sell a "hard" puppy to a first-time owner/handler. Buyers interested in the purchase of a hard puppy can and should expect a lot of questions from the Seller to determine if they will make an appropriate placement for the hard puppy without being a danger to the puppy or the general public. It is not uncommon for hard puppies to become more difficult to handle as they mature. There will be additional requirements for any puppy rated as "hard".

Health Guarantee:  To the best of the Seller’s knowledge, at time of sale the puppy was in excellent health. Seller will provide Buyer with a copy of the puppy’s medical record detailing all medical treatment received under Seller’s care as well as recommended medical care that the Seller feels is essential to Puppy's well-being and continued good health. No one can guarantee genetics, but the Seller guarantees that if your puppy should die prematurely (before the age of 4) from a genetically caused disease, the Seller will give you a replacement puppy of equal value from the next available litter of 4 or more pups. In no instance will Seller provide a refund in lieu of a replacement puppy. Proof of death due to a genetic illness must be provided to the Seller for Seller’s Veterinarians review and concurrence that the death was due to a genetic cause, in order for a replacement puppy to be provided. In the case of any death while in the Buyer’s care, Buyer agrees to have a necropsy and histopathology performed and the results forwarded to Seller. This will be done at the Buyer’s expense. The only charge incurred by the buyer for a replacement puppy, will be to pay the cost of any shipping fees if the puppy cannot be picked up, as well as any elective cosmetic surgery (i.e., ear crop) Seller will be available for the life of this puppy to answer any questions and provide help in any way. Buyer must take the puppy to a licensed vet within 48 hours after taking possession, for a post purchase health & wellness examination. If during this health exam the puppy a genetic health issue is diagnosed, the Buyer must return the puppy along with the Vet’s written diagnosis so that my vet can review and provide a 2nd opinion. As long as the Seller’s Vet concurs with Buyer’s Vet’s diagnosis, the buyer will receive another puppy of equal value from the next available litter of at least 4 pups. No refund will be provided. Seller will not provide a refund or exchange for any puppy which was injured or became sick after leaving the Seller’s premises. Buyers are advised to limit the exposure of their new puppy to non household dogs and outside high traffic dog areas until the puppy is at least 12+ weeks old and has received its (2nd) puppy vaccination. It is in the pups best interest health wise not to expose them to very many outside dogs and high traffic areas until the last vaccine is given.

The following will VOID this Health Guarantee and render Buyer ineligable for replacement puppy. The other requirements in this agreement are still binding and must be met:

-Spay or Neuter prior to 2 years of age

-Failure to take puppy to a Veterinarian for a post-purchase wellness exam within 48 hours.

-Excessive or age inappropriate exercise, i.e. running or jumping your dog prior to growth plates being closed.

-Giving more than the 4 shot vaccination protocol for puppy vaccinations. Following this protocol, the puppy should then receive a single booster shot for Distemper & Parvo-virus, to be given 1 year after the last puppy shot given @ approximately 16 weeks. At the age of 2 years old, Buyer agrees to have a Distemper and Parvo titer run on the puppy. If the titer shows said dog is currently protected from these diseases, no further shots will be given, other than those required by law

-Use of any steroid given for more than a brief period.

-Ingested items or misuse of environmental products can cause organ damage and organ failure if ingested by dogs - i.e. tylonal and xylitol. 

-Feeding a low quality dog food, such as those bought at the supermarket whose main ingredient is corn. 


Registration: Buyer understands that if a puppy is purchased with no breeding rights, AKC registered puppies will have limited AKC registration. UKC, ADBA or ABKC registered puppies will be provided with a photocopy of the registration for the puppy. Upon proof of spay/neuter, the seller will immediately mail the hard copy of the registration paper to the buyer. Buyers purchasing a puppy with full registration will be provided with the hard copy of the registration certificate where both the seller and buyer will be listed as co-owners of the puppy until such a time as the requirements for breeding have been met (For Chihuahuas: minimum breeding age of 12 months(males) or 18 months(females). For American Bullys/American Pit Bull Terriers: Minimum of OFA hip results of fair, good, or excellent and CGC title. For Dobermans: Minimum of OFA hip results of fair, good, or excellent, vWD result of either clear or carrier, and one title. For Doberman or American Bully/American Pit Bull Terrier puppies rated "hard", additional requirements of membership to a working sport club and at least one working title.) At such time, the seller will sign over full ownership of the dog to the buyer.

Legal/Financial Responsibility Policy: Buyer agrees to hold Seller forever harmless for any medical expenses for illness or injury to the puppy, legal expenses, or any other expenses incurred by the puppy for the remainder of its lifetime, including but not limited to: registration expenses, dog-at-large/barking violations, injuries to the dog, property of the owner or other person, damage to other animal or person caused by the dog, etc.

Return Policy: We have a no pound/ no homeless pet policy for our puppies. Buyer will ensure that this dog will never be surrendered to any Humane Society, animal rescue group, or animal shelter. This dog will not be used for purposes of research and shall not be sold or given to any wholesale establishment, chain store, catalog sale house, pet store, puppy mill or puppy broker. This is a non-transferable contract. Buyer agrees to Seller's demand that Buyer MUST notify the Seller immediately should the Buyer, for any reason, not be able to keep said puppy at any point in the puppy's life. In all instances, the puppy will be returned to the Seller to be retained, placed or resold at the Seller's discretion. Buyer will return all medical records and registration papers, having been signed back to the Seller as the sole owner of the puppy. Buyer is responsible for any and all costs in returning said dog. Any or all liabilities, expenses or liens that have occurred on the puppy are the Buyer's responsibility. At the Seller's discretion, Seller may elect to resell the puppy. Under no circumstances shall the Seller be held responsible for any expenses for any puppy not in the possession of the Seller. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES may the Buyer destroy said puppy before discussing this decision with the Seller except for urgent health reasons (documented by a vet) which would impact the puppys quality of life. If the Buyer violates this term of the contract Buyer will pay a penalty to the Seller equal to the full purchase price of the puppy.  Buyer agrees to remain in contact with the Seller, to call should they have questions, or need advice about their puppy or are unsure of how to handle a particular issue or behavior. Buyer agrees to keep the Seller apprised of the puppy's health, longevity, titles/awards earned and to send pictures as often as possible, minimally once every 60 days. By entering into this contract, you are gaining a relationship with a Seller who genuinely cares for the health and well-being of their puppies and who expects to hear from the Buyers in regards to OUR puppy.

Registered Name Policy: When registering the puppy, Buyer shall use the prefix “Benchmark’s” at the beginning of the puppy’s registered name, or the suffix “von Benchmark” at the end of the puppy’s registered name. The puppy’s full registered name after prefix or before suffix shall be agreed upon by both Buyer and Seller.

Breeding Policy:  Buyer understands that no dog sold with breeding rights shall be bred prior to the age of 24 months (Dobermans and American Bullys) or 18 months for females and 12 months for males (Chihuahuas). The Buyer is required to skip at least one heat cycle between breedings and not to use the dog to produce more than 4 litters, except under special circumstances (to be agreed upon by both Buyer and Seller). 4-litter restriction applicable to females only.

For American Bullys/American Pit Bull Terriers: A minimum of OFA hip certification of "fair", "good", or "excellent" is required prior to breeding. Buyer must obtain a minimum of CGC (Canine Good Citizen) title prior to breeding. Buyer agrees that this dog shall never be bred to an unregistered dog (any American Bully/American Pit Bull Terrier not registered with the ADBA, UKC, or ABKC is considered unregistered.) If it is found that the dog has been bred to an unregistered dog, the buyer will be found in violation of this contract and full ownership of the dog shall be immediately transferred back to the seller at the buyer's expense. All paperwork, vet records, and registration shall be transferred along with the dog.

For Dobermans: A minimum of OFA hip certification of "fair", "good" or "excellent" and vWD test results of "clear" or "carrier" are required prior to breeding. Buyer must also obtain at least one title on the dog prior to breeding. (CGC, SchH BH, CD, RN, AG, etc). Buyer agrees that this dog will never be bred to a white/albino Doberman, nor will it be bred to a Z-factored Doberman, nor to an unregistered Doberman (any Doberman not registered with the AKC, UKC, or FCI is considered unregistered.) If it is found that the dog has been bred to a white/albino, Z-factored, or unregistered dog, the buyer will befound in violation of this contract and full ownership of the dog shall be immediately transferred back to the seller at the buyer's expense. All paperwork, vet records, and registration shall be transferred along with the dog.

Housing/Care:  Buyer agrees to provide quality emotional, physical, and medical care for the puppy for the remainder of its lifetime. Buyer agrees to provide food appropriate for the puppy at all stages of its growth and development. Buyer agrees to provide adequate shelter for the puppy, as well as keep the puppy safely confined to prevent its theft or injury caused by the puppy roaming free off the owner’s property. Buyer understands that no puppy is to be housed outdoors as a permanent living arrangement. The health guarantee as descibed in this contract will be void if puppy is found to be kept outdoors, and at Seller's discretion, puppy will be subject to reposession by the Seller if it is found to be kept outdoors.  If at any time the Buyer cannot provide the minimum care as outlined in this contract, Buyer will return puppy to Seller at Buyer’s expense. If at any time the puppy is deemed unhealthy or in immediate danger by a veterinarian, Police Officer, Humane Agent, or Dog Warden, and said condition is determined by that person or agency to have been caused by the Buyer, full ownership of the puppy shall be returned to Seller immediately, including any registration paperwork and other records.

This puppy has been evaluated by the Seller and its temperament has been rated:                                 HARD       SOFT         MEDIUM    (circle one)

Additional requirements for puppies sold with a temperament rating of "hard": Puppies sold with a temperament rating of "hard" are required to be enrolled by the Buyer in a working sport club (such as Schutzhund, PSA, Ringsport, etc) by the age of 6 months and participate in regular training within that working sport club. Buyer is required to provide Seller with proof of experiance with working dogs, and must be able to provide references from an established trainer, a veterinarian, and at least 2 persons not related to them. All puppies rated as "hard" will be sold on a co-ownership until a working title is obtained. Entry-level titles (Such as SchH BH, PSA PDC, and FR Brevet) are not considered working titles. Buyer must obtain a minimum of level 1 title in an established recognized sport. Buyer understands that no puppy rated as "hard" will be sold into a home with children under the age of 10. Homes with children aged 10-15 may be permitted with additional review for suitability.

OTHER:  Other requirements listed here: ________________________________________________________

Buyer agrees to and fully understands the contents of this agreement and furthermore understands that this is a legal and binding contract.

Deposit in the amount of $___________ was paid to Seller on __/__/____

Buyer agrees that on the date the deposit was made, the puppy appeared healthy

(initial) _____

Puppy was paid in full on this date __/__/____

Buyer agrees that upon completion of sale, puppy appeared healthy

(initial) ____

Puppy was picked up on this date:__/__/____

Buyer agrees that on the date of pick-up, puppy appeared healthy

(initial) ____

Buyer print name: _______________________ Buyer Signature: ___________________

Seller print name: _______________________ Seller Signature: ___________________

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