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Benchmark K9

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About Us

Benchmark Kennels is owned and operated by Savannah Langdon.

We have had Dobermans since 2007 and fell in love with the breed immediately. We are dedicated to our dogs and spend uncountable hours and dollars in training, trialing, and everything that goes along with it. Our sport of choice is PSA, or "Protection Sport Association". (See . We live in Ohio on a beautiful property in the country. Dobermans are called "velcro dogs" for a reason and are not happy being away from their families for extended periods of time, nor are they bred to withstand extreme weather. Dobermans belong indoors! We do not sell, place, or adopt Dobermans to outdoor homes.

Our feelings on Z-factored Dobermans and White/Albino Dobermans:

We do not support the breeding of albino or Z-factored Dobermans, or any non-standard color.

On Health testing:

There are many health issues within the Doberman breed, including hip dysphasia, dilated cardiomyopathy, cancers and wobblers. Luckily, there are tests available to locate and identify many of these health problems.. A responsible breeder utilizes their rescources and tests the health of their dogs before they breed. We fully condone and recommend health testing before breeding.

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