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Benchmark K9

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Rio's Pedigree

Report Date: 03/23/2012

Research Pedigree - 4 Generation
Ronda's Tejon Del Rio

Name: Ronda's Tejon Del Rio
AKC #: TR959025/02 Breed/Variety: Chihuahua
Birth Date: 04/29/2010 Sex: Female
Colors/Markings: Blue Fawn Black Mask, White Markings
Breeder(s): Mrs. Ronda R Terry

Ronda's Tejon Del Rio
Blue Fawn Black Mask, White Markings

Ronda's Audaz Francisco
TR738529/01 09-09
Fawn & White Black Sabling

Momma's Sir Studley Reid Lc
TR655976/01 06-08
Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V499672

CH Saxon's & C&M's Top Gun
TR389659/04 07-07
Cream Spotted On White

CH Cam's & Saxon's Iceman
TR167963/02 03-05
Fawn Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V370755
CH Saxon's Stylin' Samantha
TR089296/02 05-04
Cream White Markings
Phareview Almost A Geisha
TR274377/01 10-07
Fawn Black Mask
Star's Just Too Cute J'N'l's
TN880906/01 07-00
Red Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V107690
J'N'l's Marainda
TN400288/05 09-97
Fawn Black Mask

Momma's Cute-Coon Reid
TP222721/01 09-02
Black & Tan

Honeycutt's Macho Gold Dust
TN465237/01 03-98
AKC DNA #V122814
Honeycutt's Blue Macho Man
TM885928/01 11-93
Louise's Tequila Baby
TN146624/02 03-97
Fawn Black Mask
Water Hill's Lucia
TN473392/04 09-98
A-Diamond's Heart Sparkles
TM880837/01 03-94
Chocolate & White
AKC DNA #V150032
Water Hill's Paloma Picasso
TN057241/01 10-96
Chocolate Fawn Markings

Ronda's Bella Chica
TR596308/01 09-08
Blue Fawn White Markings

Jan's Fajita Of Spring Lake
TP201338/03 04-05
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V382381
Woodworths Wonder
TN256059/01 09-97
Blue & Tan
AKC DNA #V93210
Red Fawn
TN045623/05 04-95
Holweg's Maggie Girl
TM860121/01 10-95
Bid's Burito Of Argentine
TN863341/03 12-00
Black & Tan White Markings
Simonds Tiny Tim
TN303425/01 07-97
Red White Markings
Dj's Sweet Tequila Sunrise
TN105375/03 04-96
Fawn & White
Burgundy Lil Masked Maiden
TR010850/01 11-03
Black Sabled Fawn White Markings

CH Burgundy Lil Zorro
TP070660/01 05-02
Black Sabled Fawn Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V216336

CH Burgundy Lil Kiss Of Mystery
TN528863/01 06-98
Cream White Markings
AKC DNA #V100765

Regnier's Dazzle'm Li'l Tiffany
TN398007/04 02-98
Fawn Black Mask
Burgundy Lil Winter Wizardry
TN960923/02 06-02
Cream Spotted On White

CH Burgundy Lil Wizard
TN671168/01 08-99
Cream Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V100764

Burgundy Lil Lucky Kiss
TN383847/03 12-97
Fawn Spotted On White

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