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Benchmark K9

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Why do I call them "Albino" instead of "white"?

The definition of albino is a complete or partial lack of pigmentation. Albino is not actually a color, it is the lack of color. "White" dobermans ARE true albinos, they are Tyrosine Positive or "partial" albinos, yes it is a masking gene but the definition of albino is lacking the pigment melanin. Albinos have no pigment except in precancerous growths and moles. Many people think they are not true albinos because they have blue eyes and not pink. Their pupils are red if you shine a light into them, or in photos, unlike a regular dogs eyes which will shine opaque green, human albinos have blue eyes. True white dogs have a black, brown, or grey nose, matching skin pigment and eyerims. To see the difference, please see photos below.



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