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Benchmark K9

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UG1 URO3 Judas von Benchmark CGC, DD, WDE, CAL2, PSA-PDC SD, GDT, ID3

DOB: 8/22/09
Microchip: 054*025*557

Judas is quite possibly the most intellegent dog I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is always in training and is doing well in UKC performance events such as Rally and Agility. Judas adores kids and is fantastic with other animals. Judas took 4th place of 20+ dogs in a K9 Pro-sports competition in October of 2010 and was beaten only by 3 much older, already PSA titled dogs. I couldn't have been prouder, especially since he also beat a KNPV titled imported Malinois! In December 2012 we showed up at a UKC Rally trial on a whim with no preperation and qualified for the 1st leg of our URO1 title with a score of 94! The next weekend, again on a whim we showed at a UKC Agility trial and took home the 1st leg of our UAG1 title with a qualifying score of 178/200. In March we finished our URO1 title with scores of 87 and 98; In April we finished our UAG1 title with scores of 198/200 and 200/200! In May we achived our URO2 title in one weekend with scores of 92-94-92! We have plans to finish his URO3 by the end of the year :D
Judas is neutered and not available for stud.
3/13/10 Judas gets his Deterrent Dog title (6.5 months old)
10/30/10 Judas gets 4th place in the K9 Prosports Protection Tournament at 14 months old. He also achieves his Working Dog Evaluation title, CAL1 and CAL2 titles.
9/4/11 Judas took 2nd place in the 2011 Dog Sports Festival K9 brawl/protection tournament. Most of the protection scenarios, including multipl decoys, recall to heel off the bite, transport, food refusal, toy refusal, and others he was never trained for!
9/19/11 Judas achieves his AKC CGC title
3/3/13 Judas achieves his UKC Rally 1 title with scores of 94-84-98
4/13/13 Judas achieves his UKC Agility 1 title with NO training or prep, with scores of 176-198-200
5/19/13 Judas achieves his UKC Rally 2 title with scores of 92-94-92
9/1/13- Judas took 1st place in the 2013 K9 Brawl at Cicago Dog Sport Festival!
10/13/13 Judas achieved his PSA PDC sleeve title!
10/19/13 Judas gets 1st Place in the Iron Dog protection tournament, doing 4 bite scenarios he's never trained for, that were pulled from the PSA level 2 rulebook!
10/19/13  Judas achieves his Iron Dog GDT title (Guard Dog Test)
10/20/13 Judas achives his Iron Dog ID3 title, performing in sprint race, weight pull, and hardest hitting. He also took 1st place in the tug-o-war contest against much larger dogs!
See Judas's pedigree HERE

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