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Benchmark K9

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URO1 Poole's Semper Fidelis GDT

UWP Pithouse's Primo, IDWP3 x Pithouse's BabyGirl
DOB: 1-2-12
Microchip: 0A126B204B
10/19/13- Hero entered his first Iron Dog competition and achieved his GDT (Guard Dog Temperament Test) title his first try, doing obedience and protection!
5/18/13- Hero entered and took 1st place in the UKC Rally obedience trial, level 1, for his very first show! He went back the next day to finish his URO1 title with scores of 97-97-95!!  This may have been his 1st title but it won't be his last!
Hero videos:
Hero's Father, Pithouse/RG's Primo IDWP3, earning his weight pull title

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